McDonalds Hosts Nationwide Scavenger Hunt


McDonalds is giving people from around the USA the chance to win free McCafe beverages for a year!  All you need to do is find where they’ve hidden their giant McCafe coffee cups somewhere in your city.  Read more details after the jump!

The scavenger hunt started at 7:00 this morning
, when McDonald’s hid its first cups around Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, New Haven, Salt Lake City, Tampa Bay, and Washington D.C.  Another cup will be hidden in each city at noon, and a final cup will be hidden in each city at 5:00pm.  Whoever finds the cups will be awarded a year’s worth of McCafe beverages!

So how can you find these cups?  McDonalds will be tweeting clues, so visit their Twitter page to follow along! You never know, you might just be the lucky winner who will be caffeinated for an entire year :) For more information and to read the official rules, click here.

If you don’t happen to be the lucky winner, however, you can always make yummy coffee drinks at home!  Here are some great recipes for you to try:

Vanilla Latte


Decaffeinated Caramel Coffee

Dreamy Cinnamon-Hazelnut Coffee

Brazilian Coffee

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte

Instant Cappuccino Mix

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