Wendy’s Will Change Its French Fries


Wendy’s is my favorite fast-food restaurant by far. The chicken strips and french fries are delicious, plus my boyfriend and I had our first kiss in Wendy’s! When I heard that Wendy’s is changing up its french fries, I had to investigate.

The new fries are going to be made with Russett potatoes. What’s even more interesting is that the skins are still be going to be on the fries. And sprinkled on top will be sea salt.

This is the first time in 41 years that Wendy’s is changing the fries. The new ones will be skinnier than the old ones and crispier, too. They’re going to have more salt in them, have 10 more calories and will be cooked in a different blend of vegetable oils. The price will remain the same!

What are your thoughts about the new french fries?

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  • C. Carmino

    I love Wendys fries. Am very upset they are changing the recipe. Hate the skins and added sodium! Had to stop going to BKs when they changed their fries recipe too.

  • Roseann Luhmann

    Wendy’s fries have been our favorite of fast food restaurants. Do not like the new fries. I don’t get it, after all these years. Why not offer both, like Arby’s has curly or regular fries? Why more sodium? If I want thinner fries I will go to McDonald’s. I quit going to BK when they changed their fries years ago. Wendy’s regular fries were the best. I am not happy about this switch.

  • crystal

    I loved the old version. I was telling my husband on our way to Wendy’s how much I loved the fries. I went on and on and then we got there and I was so disappointed. In my opinion they taste like McDonalds fries. Way to skinny and salty. Totally bummed out.

  • Jeff Steele

    As a long time customer of Wendy’s Hamburgers I regret to inform you of my disappointment in recent changes in your menu. I used to go out of my way many times to eat at Wendy’s just because of the french fries. Wendy’s fries were the best of any fast food or otherwise establishment. When you have a customer base established by your tried and true products, you don’t just replace them. These french fries taste like any other fries anywhere now i.e., Arby’s, Steak and Shake, 5 Guys. I am sure Dave Thomas would not have liked this decision. Are you going to start making your burgers round now and thinner like McDonald’s? Are you going to water down the shakes too? How about changing the name? I am sorry to say you just lost a devoted Wendy’s fan.

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