Lose Weight by Eating Twinkies?!


What if you could eat a Twinkie every 3 hours and actually LOSE weight? Kansas State University Professor Mark Haub did just that!  His “diet” was more of an experiment to prove that eating healthy doesn’t get you to lose weight; reducing your caloric intake does.

The reason Haub actually lost weight while he was on his “Twinkie diet” is because Twinkies were pretty much ALL he ate.  He had previously tried eating healthy for a while, but he wasn’t seeing any results.  That was because no matter how healthy he was eating, he was still hadn’t reduced the number of calories he was eating every day.

Reducing his caloric intake by eating just a few Twinkies a day helped him lose 27 lbs. in 10 weeks, raise his good cholesterol, and lower his bad cholesterol!  Crazy.

I understand how reducing your calories results in weight loss, but you’d think that all the fat, calories, and other nasty ingredients in Twinkies would still negatively affect his cholesterol.  Not so, I guess.

While this may sound promising, I don’t think anyone should really live off Twinkies to get skinny.  If you’re looking to decrease your caloric intake, try eating some negative calorie foods.  These are foods that contain so few calories that you actually burn more calories by chewing and eating them than they contain!

Check out our list of the Top 10 Negative Calorie Foods here!

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  • http://www.couponmole.com/ Kristen Simmons

    LOL My husband is doing the p90x program and somehow I didn’t see this in the diet plan! True, its all about calories. But its also about what kind of calories you’re taking in. If he was taking in the same amount of calories with the twinkies, of course he wouldn’t lose weight. But if he took in fewer calories than he burned a day, then of course you’ll lose weight.

  • Matthew

    This is irresponsible journalism and websites like this are part of the obesity problem in the US! Of course you would lose weight eating a twinky every couple of hours. Your body is starving of any real nutrients so it starts breaking down muscle tissue to survive! Your body requires certain nutrients to function so if you are living on twinkies then you’re not getting the right nutrition and end up damaging the cells in your body! If you are reading this please do not try this diet. Eat healthy and exercise and you will be fine. Kristen you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  • http://www.couponmole.com/ Kristen Simmons

    I’m confused Matthew. Why should I be ashamed of myself? I think I pretty much said what you said, just wasn’t so serious about it.

  • http://forgingelitehealth.com Alan Leenhouts

    It isn’t just about calories or this might actually work, when your body breaks down processed foods it works harder and doesn’t get the nutrients to work properly, causing imbalances and problems with insulin and how the brain is reacting to the ‘food’

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