Food in the News: Pancake Bites, Mac n’ Cheese Mix-ins and Soaring Prices


Pancake Bites – It looks like a corn-dog, but it definitely won’t taste like one. Dunkin’ Donuts has created Pancake Bites. According to the press release, these “portable, bite-sized sausage links wrapped in a maple-flavored pancake.” They’re definitely not healthy though, so if you’re watching your weight, beware! Eating three of these little guys equals out to 300 calories and 20 grams of fat.

Get Kitchen Help On Your Phone – You don’t need to call your old friend Eleanor when you need help with basting your turkey on Thanksgiving anymore. As the digital age continues to progress, new technologies have emerged that are helping foodies and cooks everywhere. These include smart phone apps that come up with a multitude of recipes from the ingredients you enter, and Twitter sessions. The Washington Post ran a fascinating story on this phenomenon.

Man Fights Off Robber With Squash – When a delivery man in New Hampshire became part of an attempted robbery, he grabbed the first weapon he could find. That ended up being a squash, and it was enough to prevent the robber from escaping.

What To Add To Mac n’ Cheese – Personally, I think macaroni and cheese is good enough on its own. So I’d never think about adding a topping to it. But I have to admit, these 6 ideas sound pretty good. They are: bacon, roasted butternut squash, ham and peas, BBQ pulled pork, black beans, sweet corn, and salsa, and finally, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and fresh herbs.

High Prices – It’s depressing to think that prices are going up right before the holiday season, so cut as many coupons as you can. According to the Wall Street Journal, the cost of basic ingredients, like milk, coffee, cocoa, sugar, and beef, will continue to increase after a fairly stable year.

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  • Denise Michaels – Adventurous Foodie

    A quick comment on those pancake bites. I’ve seen the TV commercials and they’re basically a portable version of “pigs in a blanket.”

    Here’s my thoughts: I’m not a food snob – I use some quickie stuff to make life easier. I eat on the run like everyone else. But I try to bear in mind the purpose of this kind of food isn’t nutrition. It’s quarterly corporate profits.

    Okay, maybe you think that’s boring – but there’s a point at which we all gotta decide what we put in our bodies and how it impacts it. If I’m going to Dunkin Donuts – why not just be honest with myself and get a donut?

  • Kristen Simmons

    I’m no currency / value of the dollar expert, but I just heard this morning on the Today show that the US just flooded the market with $600B, which will devalue the dollar and cause all prices to rise, including oil and pretty much everything else. Great. What wonderful timing!

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