The Tastiest Apple Recipes EVER!


I went to a pumpkin patch over Halloween weekend and couldn’t stop myself from indulging in the essential apple dessert that EVERY pumpkin patch/apple picking place has: apple cider donuts.  Biting into this warm, soft, delightful donut got me thinking about apples and how they can be used in so many different dessert recipes.  Here are my faves…


Apple Pie: An American classic and one of my two favorite pies (pumpkin is my other fave)!  I love the soft, warm pieces of apple inside, the flaky crust, and the amazing taste of cinnamon…I could go on forever!  This recipe is one of the simplest around, ensuring that even a novice baker like myself could make it!  Click here to view the recipe.

Apple Crumble: When I was living in the UK, crumbles were “the thing.” We’d have one after every Sunday roast.  They’re easy to make, you can use any fruit you’d like, and they’re just so comforting.  Here’s a great apple crumble recipe to try.

Apple Doughnuts: Just like the one I had at the pumpkin farm, this donut is fried, sugary, and full of apply goodness!  We all know that fried food isn’t the way to a healthier lifestyle, but having just one this season won’t kill you!  Click here to view the recipe.

Taffy Apple Cake: This recipe is brand new to me and I’m dying to try it!  Caramel, peanuts, and apples come together to create a cake that is bound to be unforgettable.  It’s next on my “to bake” list!  View the recipe here.

Storing your apples properly is the key to an amazing apple dessert, so click here to learn about some important apple storage tips!

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