Pumpkin Carving Fun!


Last night, I finally got down to some pumpkin carving, one of my favorite things to do in the fall!  Every year, my family and I sit around the kitchen table, watch an old VHS tape of “Disney’s Halloween Treat” and carve away!  Check out this year’s pumpkins and get some pumpkin carving tips after the jump!
This year, I wasn’t feeling very inspired, but once I started carving, I was on a roll!  Before we started, however, we had to set up a workspace first.  We laid out newspaper on the table, took out an assortment of knives (big, small, serrated, smooth, etc.), and got a big bowl to put the “guts” in. I cut the top off my pumpkin, cleaned it out, and then it was time to plan.  (learn more about planning and carving your pumpkin here!)

I always draw my design in pen or marker on my pumpkin first, so as not to make any mistakes when I’m carving.  I started by drawing a mouth.  I knew I wanted some pretty gnarly, and kind of goofy teeth, so I drew them on and carved them.  I then shaved the orange skin off the teeth to make them look lighter and to have them appear that they were actually inside the mouth.

After realizing that they kind of looked like pirate teeth, I decided that my pumpkin needed an eye patch.  I drew one on, carved it, then drew on his other eye and carved that.  It still looked a bit unfinished- he needed some spindly pirate arms!  So I ran out into the yard and found some small sticks.  I twisted a small knife into the sides of the pumpkin’s body to create holes and I put the sticks in.

Now, all he needed was a candle!  I lit him up and this was the result!


My dad made a really goofy and unique pumpkin that looked like this:


I was really happy with our end results.  I feel like we both made pretty unique pumpkins that would stand out amongst the others in the neighborhood.  To learn how to make your pumpkin the talk of the town, click here! Also, don’t forget to save your pumpkin seeds and make this healthy snack!

Have a very, very happy Halloween, everyone!  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve all carved!

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