Halloween Week! Recipe Ideas!


From candy bars to chocolate kisses, trick or treating doesn’t have to mean store-bought candy. Make your own treats this year to save money and serve up something extra special! We’ve compiled a list of the top Halloween recipe collections that Recipe4Living has to offer. These collections have something for everyone! Try a recipe today, tomorrow and the next day!


A Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party For Kids – Who doesn’t love carving pumpkins for Halloween? This pumpkin carving party planner will help you put together a menu and activities for a fun and wholesome kids’ Halloween party!


10 Spooky Halloween Party Recipes - From a black Halloween punch to cheesy eyeballs, spook out your guests with these fun Halloween party recipes!


7 Haunting Halloween Dinners - As Halloween approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in baking creepy cakes and spooky sweets. But don’t forget about the main course! These entrées will make your Halloween unforgettable, whether you serve up Slugs and Worms or a Jack-O-Pizza!


16 Chilling Halloween Drinks – When you throw your annual Halloween party this year, don’t bore the guests with plain old punch. Creating a creepy cocktail or a bubbling brew will add to the atmosphere and your guests will be impressed! Here are our 16 favorite Halloween beverages that both kids and adults will enjoy!

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