The Food Network’s Anne Thornton Shares 2 Treats to Make with Your Halloween Candy


When Halloween is over, many people find themselves drowning in leftover Halloween candy! While this abundance of candy can be nice, you may be wondering how you can put these sweets to use. Thankfully, Anne Thornton, professional pastry chef and star of the Food Network series “Dessert First,” shared 2 ways to turn boring Halloween candy into tasty treats!

If you’re sick of eating Halloween candy straight from the bowl, make some tasty treats with it instead!  Here are Anne’s suggestions:

1. Candy-Filled Sugar Cookies

This simple treat can be made with almost any kind of Halloween candy.  All you need to do is use a basic sugar cookie recipe and add your candy to the cookies.  If you have some leftover M&Ms, for example, just add them to the mix and you suddenly have candy cookies!  Anne’s personal favorite is to add crushed up Butterfingers to her sugar cookies.  “It gets all toffee-y and caramel-y and chocolatey- it’s heaven!”

Click here for a sugar cookie recipe to use!

2. To read Anne’s second Halloween candy dessert, read the full article here!

To learn how to make even more great Halloween treats, tune into the premiere of “Dessert First” on Sunday, October 24th at 12pm Eastern Time on the Food Network.  Here’s what you can expect:  Anne puts together a playful Halloween spread filled with scary sweet treats. First, she prepares spooky and moist Red Velvet Brain Cupcakes covered in a creamy icing and a whimsical Milk Chocolate Graveyard Cake adorned with chocolate trees, cotton candy and candy bones. Then, Anne adds a surprising twist to an old-fashioned favorite with her Couture Caramel Apples smothered in toppings like salted pecans, toasted coconut and candied ginger.

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