Food in the News: Nacho Burgers, Starbucks Wine and Eating Your Roadkill

Nacho Burgers – A Burger King is Netherlands has combined two favorite junk foods to create a hybrid so fatty, so delicious and oh so wrong. The Nacho Whopper is basically a burger topped with nacho chips, jalapenos and “Mexican sauce.” Instead of me blabbing about it, just check out the video above.

Eating Your Roadkill – I saw this article in the Chicago Tribune yesterday, and I knew it had to make our Food in the News segment this week! The Illinois Department of Natural Resources now requires that you call them before you decide to eat the deer you just slammed with your automobile. Apparently, a spokeswoman for the department says that the new policy is meant to help them keep better track of their roadkill. Would you eat the deer you just killed? Me neither…

Don’t Eat These Foods at a Job Interview – We found a fabulous top 10 list for this week, and it’s all about what you shouldn’t munch on when you’re being interviewed while eating out. One thing that I found interesting was that you should skip the salad. Two items that obviously made the list are alcohol and eating of the kids menu. Well duh! Make sure to find out tons of other foods you should avoid. In this economy, you’ll need all the help you can get!

Starbucks Wants To Serve Alcohol – I first heard about this one on an episode of Chelsea Lately, and honestly, if she doesn’t want alcohol in her coffee, then who would? Starbucks made a startling announcement. It’s planning on serving regional wine and beer and locally made cheeses. I really dislike this idea, and although I understand that Starbucks wants to be innovative and move with the times, I think this is a bad idea. Time will tell.

The Biggest Enchilada – It’s been done and it looks…well, it actually looks pretty rad. It happened in Iztapalapa, Mexico, unsurprisingly. Basically, a group of people cooked up an enchilada that was almost 230 feet long and weight almost 1/5 tons. Within this Mexican treasure was corn tortillas, white onions, serrano chilis, green tomatoes, avocado, cheese, cream, salsas and other ingredients.

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  • naomi

    Okay, I’m have cardiac arrest just reading this. ARe you kidding? Yikes. I’m frightened of this. :)

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