Food in the News: A Massive Truffle, The Most Fattening Beers and McDonalds Weddings


The 50 Most Fattening Beers – The Daily Beast does an amazing job with food countdowns and this one is no different! Topping the list is Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss. In 12 oz. of the beer there are 207 calories and 28 carbohydrates. Grolsch Blonde Lager comes in at second, with 120 calories and 15.8 carbs. The only beers that I’ve ever tried that made the list are Corona Extra and MillerCoors Miller Genuine Draft.

Mario Batali Sued – Despite the fact that Mario Batali’s ritzy restaurant Del Posto earned a four-star New York Times review two weeks ago, he’s got other things to worry about. Twenty-seven workers filed suit in federal court for owed wages and tips. The suit states that the Batali-Bastianich Hospitality Group denied employees their tips and service charges from banquets at the restaurant. Yikes! The worst part is that this has happened before to Batali.

World’s Largest Truffle – We love talking about world records on Chew on That, so when we saw this story, we were thrilled! It weighs 558.6 lbs and contains 433,330 calories! Of course, we wouldn’t want to eat this mega-truffle, but a little nibble would be nice! The record was broken in Englade by Gianni D’Aniello and Chris Long. They spent five and a half hours making the truffle from a recipe of chocolate, brandy, double cream and cocoa powder.

Weddings at McDonalds – Hong Kong has become the first place in the world to have McDonald’s wedding packages. It will cost a few thousand Hong Kong dollars for couples, and the weddings will begin starting next year. One thing to note: alcohol is banned from McDonald’s weddings, but they can still toast with soft drinks! Couples can now start booking engagement parties and wedding anniversary parties too.

Food Phrase Origins – Mental Floss goes through ten famous food phrases and tells us the truth behind the words. Examples include, apple of my eyes, big cheese and bringing home the bacon. Did you know that the phrase to egg someone one really doesn’t have anything to do with eggs at all? Wow!

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