How to Serve and Clear Several Plates at Once (Video!)


Back in the day, when I was a struggling college student, I decided that I needed a job.  Like many other college students, I went to the nearest restaurant and started waitressing for a little extra scratch.  I ended up working at the restaurant for 2 years and I learned some pretty useful skills while I was there.  One of the most useful skills that I learned was the ability to serve and clear multiple plates at once.  Watch my “how to” video after the jump to learn how to do it, too!


These skills are not just great for waiters and waitresses- these skills are super useful for dinner parties, clearing your own dinner dishes, or any occasion where you don’t want to keep running to and from the kitchen over and over.

So here’s the video!  With these skills, you can serve 3 plates at once and clear up to 8 dishes (if you’re strong enough!)

I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope it helps you out!

Click here for even more videos!

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    I guess those don’t count because they don’t appear on your criminal record…..

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