5 Yummy Restaurant Copy-Cat Recipes


I love eating out, but I don’t love what it does to my waist-line. I allow myself to eat out for lunch once a week, and it always amazes me how full I am after that meal. When I pack my lunch, I’m always craving more food a couple hours before lunch. Now I have a way to combine the two! Restaurant copy-cat recipes! I found tons of them! Here are the top 5 that I found and a link to more!

1. Lou Bruno’s Restaurant Fourth-Generation Gnocchi – With a homemade red, meat sauce, this gnocchi is the best out there.

2. Olive Garden Toasted Ravioli – You can make these easily at home by using a package of ravioli. We like to use other types of ravioli for this dish.

3. KFC’s Mac and Cheese – Here’s a clone for another of KFC’s famous side dishes.

4. Panera Bread Cafe’s Sierra Turkey Sandwich – Making this famous restaurant sandwich is easy (and much cheaper!). This recipe makes enough to feed a large party

5. The Olive Garden’s Capellini Primavera – Take a sneak peak in the Olive Garden kitchen and try this signature dish in your home.

Check out the full list of restaurant copy-cat dinner recipes here!

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