The Perfect Snack…Greek Yogurt!


I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt, especially the kind that you have in Greece. I’m not sure who makes it in Greece or how, but I know that it’s delicious. Just mixing it up with some honey, cinnamon or jam, and you have a delicious snack or filling breakfast. Check out some more about my favorite snack after the jump.

In America, my favorite Greek yogurt brand is Fage. Every morning I scoop out a package of the FAGE Total 0% Yogurt, and mix it with honey. This yogurt is smooth, creamy and so healthy for you! It’s also really filling. I eat lunch at 1 p.m. and most days, this yogurt can hold me off until then, without any stomach rumbling.

I don’t always stick to yogurt and honey though. If I’m looking for something a little different, I’ll mix in some granola or I’ll toast a piece of bread. But if you’re looking for something even better, add fruit and honey! Here is one of the most delicious ways to use Greek yogurt:

Greek Yogurt Dessert with Honey and Strawberries



* 1 small container plain non-fat Greek yogurt
* Honey
* 12 strawberries, washed and roughly chopped


Put a few large spoonfuls of yogurt into 4 small glasses or ice cream bowls. Drizzle each with about 1 Tbs. honey. Add strawberries on top.

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  • Pepy @Indonesia Eats

    Same here! I love plain Greek yogurt.

  • fooddreamer

    I adore greek yogurt and actually make my own (in my crockpot. Really!). I love it with just a few berries. So good.

  • NancyC

    I also love plain Greek yogurt. I’ve had it with honey and fruit, but I’ll have to try mixing it with cinnamon!

  • menu cafe

    Well, these days, since I am more prone to watching my waistline, I opted for Greek yogurt instead of the mascarpone cheese.

  • Temma

    Love Greek yogurt, especially Fage! Figs + honey + yogurt have been my breakfast for the last couple of weeks :)

  • AK

    I can’t digest milk very well… but yogurt is a great alternative.

    Always looking for new and interesting ways to serve it.. this one sounds delicious!

    AK (Attends)

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