McDonalds Monopoly Returns!


When I was much younger, and when I ate McDonalds more often, I’d get super excited when I heard that McDonalds Monopoly is starting! Well, it’s that time again, and even though I can bet that I won’t increase my visits to the fast food chain, I can still get a little pumped for when I do grab a couple morning hash browns! Read more after the jump!

This year the prizes are really something! Lucky customers can win a 2011 Ford Edge Sport, tons of cash prizes and Beaches Resorts Beaches family vacations. Some other prizes that appeal to just about every family are the  $5,000 Walmart Gift Cards and other prizes from RedBox and EA Sports.

You don’t have to play on the paper game-board either. Access the game online on the McDonalds site! The “In-Store Game” begins at midnight on October 5, 2010 and ends on November 1, 2010. However, the the “Online Game” deadline extends all the way until November 15, 2010.

I think I definitely owe myself at least a couple hash browns and maybe even some french fries! The food that will carry McDonald’s Monopoly 2010 pieces are the Big Mac, Medium Soft Drinks, Hash Browns, Filet-O-Fish, Large Fries, 10- and 20-piece McNuggets, McGriddles, and Medium & Large McCafé beverages (both Hot & Iced).

Good Luck!

If you’d rather skip McDonalds, but still want some delicious and HEALTHY! food, try these McDonalds-like recipes:

Mini Cheeseburgers
Unfried Fish Sandwiches
Hash Brown Strata
Baked French Fries

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  • menu cafe

    I have been thinking of what I want to win. I think it would be great to win the $5,000 Walmart gift card because it would be the more practical choice in this economy. Walmart is a store I go to and I often buy many of my electronics and groceries there.

  • Luis

    I need Shortline railroad! Let’s split winings!
    Call me/ 949-923-9507 CA number

  • BridgetEatingMcD’s2Win

    ATTN McNonopoly Gamers:

    McDonalds has geniuses (with papers declaring them as one) putting these games together on our food and online..they have a very thought out system and trust me! they hand deliver these higher payout game pieces directly to the Mcdonalds store of their choice.
    So why I find this can be fun in exciting waiting to find 1 ball point pen in a ocean..I know I will NEVER WIN nothing but more food from McDonalds..and i’ll probably never loose this weight i gaining playing just about everyday just to get a game PIECE.

    *Please ALL be is just a game but a very thought out potentially lethal one*

    ~~~Thank You McDonalds Top Brainiacs–you have a very profitable selling strategy~~


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