Some Quick Tips to Make Your Apples Last for Months!


It’s apple-picking season and everyone is out gathering as many apples as they can!  Whether you’ve got Red Delicious to McIntosh to Granny Smith, they won’t last very long unless you know how to store them properly.  We Chew on That editors decided that we’re sick of rotten apples, so we put together a video to help you learn how to make your apples last for a looong time.

To learn a bit more about apples and to learn the absolute perfect way to store them, watch our video below!

And once you’ve stored those apples, try making one of our 20 favorite apple recipes!  Click here to check them out!

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    One of the things to keep in mind is that never polish fruits like apple to keep them red for a long period of time. It’s really dangerous for health. Well, your tips to keep apple red and fresh are simply Great.

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