Easy Snack Recipes!


It’s difficult for most people to eat just three full meals a day. Unexpected events occur all the time, and sometime you just get hungry out of nowhere. That’s where snacks come in and here are our favorites!

Avocado Fries with Chipotle Ketchup – You’ll hardy remember why French Fries are so appealing when you try these!

Caramel Apple Buns with Pecans - These are a delicious bun with the taste of caramel apples. A great treat for this time of the year.

Pierogies Ole – Spice up your pierogies with salsa and sour cream! My kids love these little pillows as a main course or snack. You can substitute these in recipes that call for ravioli too.

Corny Dogs – This is a childhood favorite of mine. My mom would serve these hot dogs with tater tots. The ketchup was so sweet and yummy – my mouth is watering as I write this. To change it up, you can also use mustard instead of or combined with the ketchup. Buy mini dogs and serve to guests or family as an appetizer!

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips – Easy to make, tasty fruit salsa and cinnamon tortilla chips. Great as an appetizer or a snack. Great for anytime!

Easy Cheese Sticks
- The crispy, golden brown outside holds rich, gooey melted cheese. Serve cheese sticks with salsa, spaghetti or pizza sauces. They’re perfect for dipping.

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