12 Coffee Recipes for National Coffee Day!


If you’re a Starbucks addict who can’t start your day without a hot cup of joe, today is definitely your day.  It’s national coffee day!  What a great excuse to drink as much coffee as you’d like and even bake some coffee-infused desserts!  We have some caffeinated recipes that you’ll adore after the jump.

Coffee Desserts
Throw together fabulous desserts for your friends and family today!  The secret ingredient is (you guessed it) coffee!

Coffee Amoretti: This elegant dessert with almond, coffee, and Kahlua is truly gourmet.

Coffee-Toffee Bars: These bars are truly addictive!

Coffee Risotto
: If you like coffee-flavored desserts like Tiramisu, try this clever rice dessert.

Chocolate Chip Coffee Bars: Made with fresh-brewed coffee, these mocha bars are for those with grown-up tastes.

Coffee Toffee Ice Cream Torte: Like coffee? Toffee? Ice cream? This one’s just MADE for you.

Mocha Frosted Drops: This smooth and creamy cookie dates back to 1965 at least, and is great to make around the holidays. It’s no dry cookie!

Coffee Drinks
Whether you like your coffee with a bit of booze or just some fun flavors, we have a recipe for you!

Harvest Coffee Cider: Give your cider a kick some coffee and extra sugar.

Dutch Coffee: Chocolate mint liqueur adds a special touch to this coffee drink.

Keoke Coffee: Kahlua and brandy warm up this coffee drink with rich flavor.

Vanilla Coffee: This is a sweet way to liven up a regular cup of joe. A lovely twist at the end of a meal.

Orange Coffee: If the hot coffee doesn’t warm you up, the cognac will!

Almond Macaroon Coffee: Almond extract adds an almost coconut taste to your average cup of joe.

Do you prefer cold coffee drinks?  We have 14 cooling coffee recipes right here!

If you are a slave to the coffee shop, save some money and learn how to brew your own coffee here!

I hope everyone enjoys their day of caffeinated bliss! Just make sure you don’t get too wired or you’ll be dealing with a sleepless night tonight!

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