Chew on That Interviews Iron Chef Michael Symon (on Video!)


Yesterday, Chew on That had the incredible opportunity to ask Iron Chef Michael Symon some burning questions we had on our mind.  Not only did he give us some great answers, but he gave them to us on camera! How exciting!  Keep reading to hear about his budget cooking tips, his go-to weeknight meal, and his new shows on the Food Network!

Here’s the interview!

Be sure to tune in to the new season of “The Next Iron Chef” to see Michael as a judge!  You can watch the premiere on The Food network on Sunday, October 3rd at 9pm Eastern time!  Also, don’t forget to check out the premiere of his new program “Food Feuds” on October 14th!

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  • Michele Shone

    I would love to know where you had bought the wonderful halloween t-shirt with the double egg and bacon on the front of it. It’s Great!!

    And you are wonderful on the program and I do believe this program will be on for many moons to come!!!!!

    Thank you!!!

  • Barbara Delutis

    You had a stainless steel expresso machine in which you demonstrated how to make great coffee. What was the name of the machine? Can it be purchased in NYC or Boston??

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