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For the past couple weeks, my mother and I have been on a mission. When we need something, anything pretty much, we’re trying to buy it at Jewel. If you haven’t heard yet, Jewel started a new promotion called “Find a Penny. Get Great Cookware.” It goes like this: Shop with your Jewel-Osco Preferred Customer Card® and collect reward stickers to redeem for Professional Cookware. Read more about it after the jump!

Customers can receive one reward sticker for every $10 they spend now through January 11, 2011 at participating locations. Since there are five people in my family, we spend a decent amount of money at Jewel for groceries. Other families should consider doing the same for the next couple months. When my mom goes to Jewel, she spends about $100 on all the things we need. That right there leads to 10 stickers!

After you’ve collected the right amount of stickers for the cookware you want, visit Jewel and buy the piece for just 1¢ each.

You can also keep track of your reward stickers on the Saver Card. Print it out here.

Here are the prizes that you can earn:


This sounds like a fabulous deal for me. My mom and I decided that we’re going to collect stickers so that I can have some pots and pans for my future home one day. Even though that’s a while into the future, I’m pretty happy knowing that I’ll have some good quality cookware. I saw this stuff at Jewel a couple days ago, and it looks sturdy, strong and cool!

Right now we have about 30 stickers, so I can get the frying pan. Next up, we want the Casserole with the Lid.

Here are some recipes I want to try with the frying pan, once I get it:

Chicken and Stuffing Skillet
Herbed Omelet
Skillet Baked Beans
Skillet Pasta Italiano
Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes

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