Food in the News: The Creepy King, World’s Largest Chocolate Bar and Corn Sugar


Creepy Fast Food Mascots – The blog, The Stir, came up with a hilarious and much-needed list of the top 10 creepiest fast food mascots. McDonald makes it on the list three times! Although Burger King is only on the list once, I think it’s pretty safe to say where The King ended up. That guy is so freaky, I can’t even enjoy BK commercials anymore. Other mascots included the Quizno’s Rat and Dairy Queen Lips.

Don’t Fight Over Food – Couples that share completely different views regarding food, for instance vegan vs. meat lover, are finding that it’s become tougher to get along. For example, fights over what someone else eats, when they eat it, and how they eat it can cause squabbles that don’t ever go away. I mean we all have to eat multiple times a day, so the argument can continue to creep up. This is one case where opposites don’t attract. Read the rest of this great story in the Denver Post.

The World’s Largest Chocolate Bar – An Armenian chocolate company made the biggest chocolate bar in the world on Saturday. The candy bar weighed more than 9,700 pounds! Yep, it’ll be in The Guinness Book of World Records! Wouldn’t you like to have a taste of that? I would! Make sure to check out the Associated Press video of the bar!

Chicken Flatbread Sandwich – While tacos and chalupas are what probably come to mind when you think of Taco Bell, it looks like this fast food chain is trying to change things up. They just introduced the Chicken Flatbread Sandwich to the menu. Here’s how it was described on the Taco Bell website, “warm, square-cut flatbread, filled with marinated all-white-meat chicken, and a melty three-cheese blend of cheddar, pepper jack, and mozzarella topped off with flavorful chipotle sauce and melted to perfection to seal in the flavor.”

From Corn Syrup to Corn Sugar – The Corn Refiners Association wants to rename high-fructose corn syrup as “corn sugar” on food labels. The recent health and anti-obesity campaign helped spur the request, and I hope the FDA goes for it. Corn syrup is used sodas, breads, cereals, and other foods. The bottom line is that it isn’t healthy! Although approval of name could take up to 2 years, check out the campaign at

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