Cocktail Hour: BrouCzech Dark Beer


Since it’s Oktoberfest time, I decided to ditch the cocktails and grab a beer.  But I didn’t want it to be any ordinary beef.  Nope, I headed straight to the specialty beer fridge at my local liquor store and found this intriguing beer: BrouCzech Dark.

It looked very much like a “man’s beer”- very dark with an understated label.  No frills, fancy flavors, or pretty colors here.  Take a closer look:


As I’m not a total beer connoisseur, I thought I would use their website’s description to introduce this beer.  Here’s what they had to say about it:

“Hell with fire of life – The only brunette among all blondes, and yes, it is different.

Until 1842, all beers were dark. This is a stellar example of what our forefathers may have been drinking back then. Reddish brown in color, with a rich, foamy head and a distinctive aroma of roasted malt and Saaz hops. Although the sweetest of our beers, it still retains our typically pleasant hoppy-malty tail and it is a very enjoyable brew all around.

Best served around 56-58°F with a hefty medium rare steak.”

I didn’t have a hefty medium rare steak on hand, nor did I have a thermometer, but I served it up just the same.

It was a very dark color- just about the color of Coke.  It was almost the color of Guinness, but nowhere near as thick.  It definitely did have quite a frothy head, though- a little too frothy for my liking.


When I first sipped it, all I could taste was a strange metallic flavor. I was so confused.  I continued to taste it until the head was gone, which was so strange!  After the head was gone, the flavor was almost completely gone.  Bizarre.

The beer was pretty smooth and easy-drinking (if you can handle ale).  I have had some really strongly flavored ales, but this one was not too overwhelming.

Would I choose to drink this again?  Probably not.  The rusty/metallic flavor at the beginning was a bit much to handle.  I’m not sure if that was what it was supposed to taste like or if it was sitting in that fridge for too long or what, but it was not ideal.

I may head to my neighborhood Oktoberfest this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have some more beers to review.

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    The weather here doesn’t cope with Oktoberfest….raining all the time.

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