Erasing “Tall” From the Starbucks Menu


I bring a thermos of black coffee to work every day, but some days it just completely slips my mind. Without my coffee, I feel like a walking, talking zombie, and it’s just not pretty. This morning was one of those days. I woke up 10 minutes late, forgot to make my coffee and rushed out of the house to make it to work on time. Since there wasn’t too much traffic, I figured I’d stop at the drive-through Starbucks to pick up a drink. But the menu was completely changed. I didn’t see many options, and to my dismay, the size “tall,” the smallest Starbucks size, was completely left off the menu. Keep reading to see what I did.

For a second, I panicked. I didn’t want to buy the larger drink size, and I still wanted my Café Mocha. The line behind me in the drive-through was at least 6 cars long, and I didn’t want people to start getting aggravated. So I ordered my usual drink anyway, despite the fact that it had been erased from the menu. Tall Café Mocha, no fat milk and no whip cream. The man taking my order hesitated for a second, and I got a little nervous, but then he told me a price and a breathed a sigh of relief.

So why wasn’t my drink or size on the menu? I did some research.

According to one of my favorite food websites, SlashFood:

“On August 31, listed items dropped from about 70 to a mere 25, and leaves out the option to buy a Tall (translation: smallest and least expensive) cup of coffee.”

via SlashFood

A Starbucks company spokeswoman told USA Today that Starbucks made the change to address requests from customers that the menu was complicated and frustrating to read. I’ve never felt such a thing. I’d rather have too much on the menu, than not enough.

Another reason why the change was made is that the company will be posting calorie counts on the menus beginning next year. That actually makes sense, but for someone like me, who loves her tall drinks, I’m a little aggravated. How am I supposed to know the calorie content of my drink? I don’t want extra calories, so I’m not going to choose a venti or grande. I guess I’m just going to have to stick to my drink even though it’s been erased.

Since tall drinks are also cheaper than the larger ones, it makes me a little apprehensive about the changes. Did Starbucks really make this change to benefit the customer, or is was it done to coerce them into buying the more expensive drinks? Well, I won’t bite! I’ll stick to my tall drink, and I’ll continue making my own coffee. These recipes really hit the spot:

Coffee Soda

Coffee Whirl

Coffee Frappe

What do you think about this change for Starbucks? Should Starbucks have just gotten a larger sign? Should they have gotten rid of the cheaper items?

Trying to skip Starbucks? See more coffee recipes here!

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  • lacey – a sweet pea chef

    Very interesting. I too love a tall mocha latte. I would have panicked as well if I didn’t see it. I think it’s ridiculous they would have options that aren’t on the menu — and to not list the cheaper items, too? Not cool, Starbucks :(

  • rose

    in my opinion, the downsizing of the menu is simply outrageous. i can understand that they wouldn’t have room to list everything once they put the calorie count up on the menu, but wouldn’t it be more prudent for them to still list the smaller options as well. if the calorie count is up there, then why would a simple person want to have a guilt trip from the extra calories in a larger drink? it just makes more since to keep the tall option posted… not all of us blue collar americans can afford the larger drinks, even as a once in a while treat.

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