The Muppets Have a Cooking Show??


Yesterday, I was messing around on YouTube and saw a video called “The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora- Coming Soon!”  Now, I’m a huge fan of the muppets and Sophia, my fellow Chew on That blogger, loves Cat Cora, so I just had to click on it!

Here’s the video, so you can watch it for yourself:

As you can see, the Muppets and Cat Cora are teaming up to start a cooking show!  I did some more research online and found that this is going to be a web series, not a television series.  In this series, Cat will be sharing a kitchen with Angelo, a brand new muppet with a strong Italian accent!

Each episode will be focused around a different theme.  Expect to see “Food You Can Eat with Your Hands Night” and “Food That Gets Caught in Your Mustache Night,” amongst many other ridiculous episodes.

I, for one, am looking forward to this series.  I wonder how much actual cooking and cooking tips will be involved or if  it will all devolve into hilarity and chaos.  Either way, it should be pretty entertaining!  I just wish the Swedish Chef was the co-host, but I can understand that his lack of, um, language skills could cause a problem.

I’m not sure exactly when this series will be premiering, but I’ll stay on the lookout!

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  • Ryan R

    It’s online now:

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