Food in the News: Sweet Potato Latte, Buffalo Wing Contest and Bizarre Food Addictions


Bizarre Food Addictions – A new show on TLC called “Freaky Eaters” will take people who have really strange eating habits and give them some type of rehabilitation. Well, this could be very entertaining or quite horrible. The producers say that they don’t just deal with picky eaters, some of the individuals won’t eat certain foods because of the texture or the flavor. Some even throw up. There’s already a version of this show in the UK, and some of those people were addicted to brown sauce and Yorkshire pudding.

Sweet Potato Lattes – A staple in Korean cuisine, the sweet potato has found its way into tons of dishes and drinks, including lattes. If there is a Korean coffee shop near you, check it out! You can try it hot or cold! Supposedly they have a lightly sweetened flavor, and I’m intrigued. I don’t know of any Korean coffee shops in the area, but if anyone has tried one of these lattes, let us know!

10 Difficult Recipes – In honor of Labor Day, the Chicago Tribune came up with a list of most difficult recipes to make. Some of the tougher ones that made the list were stuffed zucchini blossoms and an apple strudel. We all know what the latter is, and I think we can agree that anything that includes made-from-scratch dough is a toughie. I had never heard of the former, but I’ve read that it’s an arduous process.

Woman Wins Buffalo Wings Eating Contest – This one’s for the ladies. We always hear of dudes winning food eating contests, and I’m glad a woman came in first for this one. I love buffalo wings, but 181 of them is ridiculous! Sonya Thomas ate 181 wings in 12 minutes, as she won the National Buffalo Wing Festival’s eating contest. She also beat top professional eater Joey Chestnut.

The Effects of Climate Change on Food – According to two different studies, climate change could threaten the pollination of plants and the watering of crops. Both of these situations can negatively affect food security. What the study claims is that climate change is causing flowers to open before the bees wake up from hibernation. That means that the bees are getting early nectar and the flowers are not being pollinated. This affects more than flowers. We love our tomatoes and strawberries, and they’re at risk too!

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  • Sommer @ A Spicy Perspective

    Fun post!I’ll have to check out Freaky Eaters!

  • Anna

    Nice post, looking forward to see the bizzare food addictions, that must be funny.

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