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After stopping by the Taste of Greece a week and half ago, I decided to swing by another cultural food fest with my boyfriend. Since he’s Polish, we wanted to visit the Taste of Polonia, which was being held about 10 minutes from my home. I don’t get to eat Polish food very often, so I was excited that I would finally get to pig out on pierogies! More after the jump!

When we reached the Taste of Polonia, I was surprised that we didn’t have to pay for parking. Definitely not something that I would have expected, but pleasant nonetheless. Paul and I walked a couple of blocks until we reached the festival, and we were a little disappointed that we had to pay $6 to get in. Bummer! But we hoped that it would be worth it.

As we entered, we saw carnival games to the right of us, and I was tempted to try one after I saw a couple of people holding a giant crayon! I totally wanted it, but I told myself that my money had to go the food. So Paul and I walked through tons of vendors, who were selling everything from toys to jewelry to life insurance! I didn’t hear much English as we strolled to the food area; Polish was the dominating language spoken.

The food area was packed! There were tons of different restaurants selling food, and even though a lot of it sounded appealing, I knew that I was going to eat pierogies. I settled on the cheddar and potato pierogies from Kasia’s. They cost $8, and there were 8 of them. I know that boiled pierogies are healthier than the fried ones, but I have to admit, I was a little saddened when I saw that mine were boiled. If I’m going to eat pierogies, I want them in all of their fried glory.


But even so, they were pretty good. Definitely no where near as tasty as the piergogis that Paul’s aunt and mom make, but still yummy. I couldn’t finish the last one though, so Paul chowed down on it.

Pierogi Recipes

Pierogies Ole
Pierogi Casserole

Paul then decided to get a type of pizza bread called zapiekanki. It was pretty weird looking. It was in the shape of garlic bread, and it really was a pizza. It had sausage too. But the strange thing was that it was topped with ketchup. I only took one bite of it, and it was much better than I expected. He loved it! Paul isn’t too keen on much Polish food since he’s been eating it since he was little, so this was the only thing he’d settle on.


As we ate, we listened to various bands playing. There were four stages, and only two of them were playing Polish music. Since I couldn’t understand any of it, we checked out the other stages. Those bands were playing songs by Kiss, AC/DC and other rock  bands. It was a little funny, but it was a great time!

Instead of getting water, we drank some freshly squeezed lemonade! The lemon actually came with the drink and it was floating around. The drink was awesome and was a perfect thirst-quencher on such a hot day. After we ate, Paul and I walked around some more and listened to more music. The Taste of Polonia definitely rocked harder than the Taste of Greece, and I’m excited to go back next year!

But here are some more Polish recipes in the meantime:
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