UPDATE: Salmonella Outbreak


We gave you a rundown on salmonella last week, since millions of eggs have been tainted. Now we’re giving you an update, and we’re sorry that it isn’t a happy one. It’s actually really gross, and it will probably make me think twice about eating eggs for a while. Government reports made a grim discovery regarding the conditions at the two Iowa egg producers that are at the forefront of the egg recall. Filthy doesn’t even begin to describe what they found. More after the jump.

A report that described the Wright County Egg said that it was filthy, infested with rats and flies and overflowing with manure so that some of the doors couldn’t even be closed. The other egg producer, Hillandale Farms, had many unsealed rodent holes into its hen houses. Liquid manure leaked out from a manure pit and almost 50 hens that had escaped brought manure back with them into the henhouse.

And we have been eating these eggs! Imagine being one of the poor souls who is sick beyond belief, and hearing about the disgusting conditions these places were in. If we’re holding B.P. accountable for the oil spill, these farms need to held liable for the damage they have caused. As many has 1,470 people have been sickened by the eggs.

After the FDA learned of the reports, it announced that it will immediately launch inspections of all the egg-laying operations in with more than 50,000 laying hens. This totals out to more than 80% of the eggs produced in the U.S. I’m a little nervous about what they will find, and I’m hoping that these two farms were the worst of it.

Here are the detailed descriptions of what was found at the farms, according to USA Today:

At Quality Egg the FDA found:

- Chicken manure in piles up to 8 feet high under five egg-laying houses
- Chicken house doors blocked by manure
- Dark liquid which appears to be manure, seeping through concrete foundation to the outside of the laying houses.
- Escaped birds using the piles of manure to enter the egg-laying areas.
- Live rodents
- Living and dead flies in various houses.
- Living and dead maggots in the manure piles.

At Hillandale the FDA found:

- Multiple rodent holes.
- Gaps under doors where rodents and insects could enter henhouses.
- Standing water near manure pits.
- Liquid manure leaking out of manure pits.
- Fly and rodent monitoring forms not correctly filled out.

We will keep you posted as this story continues to develop.

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    Many are pointing fingers at Wright County Egg. The egg producer in Galt, Iowa, whose owner has had repeated run-ins with government regulators over violations at his food companies, is taking heat.

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