Spifes and Sporks and Knorks- Oh My!


Most people have heard of the spork, the spoon/fork hybrid utensil that comes in handy on many occasions, but today I learned about some other crazy eating utensils that I’ve never heard of before!  Introducing…the knork and the spife!

The knork is- you guessed it- a combination of a knife and a fork.  The edges of the fork are slightly sharpened and curved so you can turn your fork on its side and cut through meat and other foods with ease!  The Nibble recommends using the knork for airplane journey when you have little elbow room or occasions where you need to hold your plate in one hand and have a utensil in the other (i.e. tailgating or a picnic).  It’s also good for children who aren’t yet skilled at using a knife and fork together.

I see the merits of the knork, but I can’t really see it catching on as well as the spork did (and the spork is still not mainstream whatsoever!) 

The next utensil that I learned about is the spife.  The end of the spife is that of an ordinary spoon, but the handle is converted into a knife.  It is most commonly used for cutting and eating kiwis, but it can also be used for other fruits. 

The obvious issue that I see with the spife is you’re holding onto a knife blade!  I understand that most spifes are made of plastic, so they’re not particularly dangerous, but it can’t be comfortable to hold jagged plastic for a long time.  Another version of a spife that I saw had an ordinary handle, but one of the spoon’s edges had a knife-like texture.  That situation has you putting a knife blade in your mouth!  Not good. 

I think for now I’ll stick to ordinary silverware.  I’m not generally in situations where silverware is a hindrance, so I’m perfectly happy with knives, forks, and spoons! 

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