Food in the News: Babies Eating Salmon, Fried Beer and an Airline’s Cookbook


Salmon Baby Food – Susan Brewer created a baby food that uses wild salmon. Salmon isn’t exactly the fish you might think of for baby food because it’s a little tougher. But the food uses salmon that caught late in the fish’s life, when its flesh has begun to soften. Brewers also adds salmon bonemeal and roe to her mix, for added nutrition. I didn’t start eating fish until I was about 16, so the thought of infants putting mashed up salmon in their mouths kind of grosses me out.

A Food Opportunity For Refugees – A dairy near Boardman, Oregon has hired refugees from many places, including Bhutan, Myanmar and Somalia. They come here for a enw life and an opportunity to chase the American dream. I think this is an amazing story. Even though we are still in the throes of the recession, some people are still finding amazing opportunities.

Texas State Fair Has Fried Beer – At the Big Tex Choice Awards at the Texas State Fair, tons of foods are deep-fried in an attempt to take the Most Creative and Best Taste awards. The food doesn’t have to be fried, but that seems to be the way to go. This year, two interesting items caught my eye: Fried Beer and the Deep Fried Frozen Margarita. The former is kind of like a roll of pretzel dough filled with beer. The latter is like funnel cake mixed with a tequila-tasting liquid, and finished off with a bit of margarita mix.

Banning Chocolate Milk – Cafeteria milk isn’t always what you think. About 71 percent of the milk served in cafeterias around the U.S. is flavored. But chocolate milk contains twice as much sugar as plain low-fat milk. This problem has caused some schools to actually ban chocolate milk. Some people say that the only way kids will drink milk is if it’s flavored. I don’t know a lot of kids who drink milk at all. I’m partial to keeping chocolate milk in the schools. What do you think?

Airline Food Cookbook – I’ve ranted about airplane food before. It’s completely gross most of the time. But Singapore Airlines is trying to change that. The airline has earned tons of service awards over the years, and has released a cookbook titled, “Above & Beyond.” The 145-page book is filled with gourmet dishes from 10 celebrity chefs the airline has hired. Most of the recipes have been served on the airline. Pretty cool! But since I won’t be visiting Singapore anytime soon, I’ll stick to eating before I get on a flight.

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  • Hannah

    Ha, what a coincidence! I just flew Singapore Air for my vacation and noticed the cookbook. I got a Raw Vegan meal (just fruits and veg) so I can’t really comment on what the recipes might be like, but I was sure happy that they offered such an option.

  • menu cafe

    I love smoked salmon for breakfast, almost like eggs benedict but with the fish and a light lemon sauce. Awesome way to have a special morning.

  • menu cafe

    As much as being accessible is excellent for improving your reputation, it can also be a real pain in the neck.

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