Cocktail Hour: Hawaiian Martini


As I recently had a Hawaiian party at my house, I’m still in a bit of a tropical mood. I also happen to still have leftover pineapple juice and flavored rums and vodkas all over my house, so I decided to use them up and make a Hawaiian Martini!

I’m not gonna lie; I was a fool when I picked this drink.  Why?  Well, I picked it by just looking at the ingredients and not actually reading anything about it.  Big mistake for 2 reasons:

1) The recipe makes 36 drinks.

2) This drink takes 3 days to make.

Click here to view the original recipe and see what I mean!

I did not have 3 days to spare, nor did I want to make 36 drinks, so you can see the predicament I was in.

After about a half an hour of long division, I decided to just give up and make my own measurements based on the recipe’s proportions.  Here’s what I came up with:

1 1/2 oz. vodka
3/4 oz. vanilla vodka
3/4 oz. coconut rum
splash pineapple juice
about 1/4-1/2 tsp. sugar


I just threw all this together in a shaker, mixed it up with ice, strained it, and garnished it with a pineapple slice!  Voila!

My first sip was actually really good- the flavors of the coconut rum, the vanilla vodka, and the pineapple juice  went perfectly together.  Now, I have the tendency to forget that even if liquor is flavored, it still tastes like liquor.  The fact that this drink was pretty much 90% pure alcohol never crossed my mind! As I continued to sip the drink, it seemed to get stronger and stronger (which is kind of the opposite of how it usually goes).  I couldn’t continue after my 4th sip of what tasted like pure rubbing alcohol.

I honestly believe, though, that if I followed the original recipe, it would have been SO much better. The original recipe calls for you to let the booze sit for 3 days with fresh pineapple spears in it.  I think the pineapple would have really sweetened the drink and taken away from the strong alcoholic flavor.

If you’d like to make this drink, but you don’t have 3 days to spare, I would recommend using half pineapple juice and half alcohol (adjust the measurements accordingly).

Here are some other tropical drinks you might enjoy:

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  • menu cafe

    I know this is late in coming. I made this by cutting the recipe waaaay down and it is FANTASTIC! I can’t thank you enough! We blogged it and linked your site. Awesome cocktail.

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