Cocktail Hour: The World’s Weirdest, Strongest, and Most Expensive Beer


I had a cocktail all ready to show you folks today, but I found a piece of news that I thought I HAD to comment on, instead.  BrewDog Brewery of Scotland has recently created the strongest, most bizarre, and most expensive beer in the world.  It’s packaged inside a taxidermied animal.

Yes, that’s right.  A taxidermied animal.  Sipping your beer out of a dead squirrel’s mouth…now doesn’t that sound like a little slice of heaven?!  Gross.  I have no idea how they came up with this idea.  Who would ever think, “Wow, this beer is delicious.   Too bad it’s not stuffed inside roadkill!”

Not only is this beer stuffed inside of squirrels and other creatures, but it also contains 55% alcohol, making it the world’s strongest beer! (Normal beer contains about 5% alcohol.)  How much does it cost to buy just one of these crazy, creepy bottles of beer? About $750!

Only 12 bottles of this beer, called The End of History, were created and they all sold out within one day.  I don’t know who has a spare $750 dollars to spend on beer-stuffed rodents, but apparently there are 12 people out there who were willing to do so.

This beer is controversial for so many different reasons.  Many breweries around the world have been scolded, taxed, and deemed irresponsible by the government for making beer with an unusually high percentage of alcohol.  This beer makes us ask, is it dangerous to let companies produce liquor with such high alcohol content?

The packaging also is bound to cause an animal rights outburst. Do you think it’s morally right to use the bodies of dead animals to do something like this?  It definitely makes me a little bit sad to see a poor squirrel with a beer bottle stuffed inside him.

What do you think about this?  I want to know!

If you’re not completely grossed out, try making some of these beer-based dishes tonight!  No squirrels necessary :)
Beer Battered Cod
Beer Biscuits
Beer Cake
Beer Marinated Chicken Tacos
Brats and Beer on the Grill

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