Five Guys=The Best Burger in America?


According to Zagat’s recent fast food survey, America has a clear winner when it comes to their favorite burger.  That winner is Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Although Five Guys didn’t even make it into last year’s top 5 list, this year it overtook many popular chains to become the “best burger in America.”

Not only did it win the title of Best Burger, but it was also the first runner-up in the Best Fries category.  Now that’s sayin’ something!  Last year’s winner, In-N-Out Burger, must be so disappointed in themselves!

I’ve only been to Five Guys once and I must say that I did enjoy the burgers.  I didn’t really think they were the best fast food burgers I’ve ever had, though.

I think the thing that really set them apart from other chains is the toppings.  You can order as many or as little toppings as you want and they’re all free. And they’re not just your ordinary mustard and ketchup, either.  You can choose from all of these:
*  Mayo
* Relish
* Onions
* Lettuce
* Pickles
* Tomatoes
* Grilled Onions
* Grilled Mushrooms
* Ketchup
* Mustard
* Jalapeno Peppers
* Green Peppers
* A-1 Sauce
* Bar-B-Q Sauce
* Hot Sauce

So if you want to make a super-spicy burger with hot sauce and jalapenos, you’re welcome to!  If you’re into grilled onions and A-1 sauce, that’s fine, too!  You can customize to your heart’s desire.

The only issue I have with the place?  It’s kind of misleading.  Their “little burgers” are not so little at all. The regular burgers are gigantic, and you can expect to consume 43 grams of fat (19 of which are saturated) if you eat a plain one.  I realize fast food is unhealthy by nature, but that’s pushing it a little bit.  I’m happy to treat myself to one every once in a while, but I won’t be going there regularly!

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And if you think YOU make the best burger in America (or the world), enter our Juiciest Burger Recipe Contest here to win a great prize!

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  • Bridget Davis

    Will have to try these when we come to America!

    Thank you for sharing ;)

    Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef
    Sydney [Australia]

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