The Chicago Bacon Takedown!


Some people love bacon, and some people LOOOVE bacon!  If you are a true bacon lover, you might want to head over to the Chicago Bacon Takedown, a cooking competition of epic proportions.  Learn more after the jump!

The Chicago Bacon Takedown is one of many wacky food “takedowns” that have been occurring around the country, including grits takedowns, chili takedowns, lamb takedowns, cookie takedowns, and more!

So what’s the deal?  Each competitor is given 15 pounds of Hormel bacon to work with.  They then compete to create the most amazingly delicious bacon-infused dish possible so they can win over $1500 worth of kitchenware.

What kind of bacon recipes can you expect to see?  In the words of the creator of the competition, “Expect to see bacon candy, bacon tacos, bacon ice cream- no recipe too tremendous!”  Sounds good to me!  The weirder the better!

If you are a chef and you’d like to compete in this competition, head to the website and sign up.  For us folks that just like to watch, there is a small fee of $15 to join the festivities and try all of the incredible bacon dishes!  Yum.

Just show up at 1:30pm on September 11th at Lincoln Hall (2424 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL).


While you’re waiting, try making some of our favorite bacon recipes:
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