Pop Tart Cafe Opens in Times Square


Are you obsessed with the flaky, frosted breakfast pastries we’ve come to know as Pop-Tarts?  If you are, it’s you’re lucky day!  A brand new cafe called Pop-Tart World opened in Times Square today! There, you can feast on all things pop tart and even create your own personalized Pop-Tart.

Pop-Tart World features a full menu of Pop-Tart related treats, including Pop-Tarts with marshmallow fluff wedged between them, cinnamon rolls topped with Pop-Tart chunks, and “ants on a log,” Pop-Tart style (they ’86ed the raisins and replaced them with grape-flavored Pop-Tart pieces.

They also have another unique dish to try out: Pop-Tart sushi.  No, there’s no raw fish involved.  It’s more of a “dessert sushi.”  Instead of seaweed, they used a Fruit Roll-Up, and instead of rice and fish, they used 3 kinds of minced Pop-Tarts.

What is there to do at Pop-Tart World besides eat?  Well, there’s an hourly light show that simulates what it’s like to become a Pop-Tart- the lights make it seem like you’re being frosted, topped with sprinkles, and wrapped in aluminum foil….?

In addition to becoming a Pop-Tart,  you can make your own Pop-Tart variety pack using their special vending machine.  On top of that, you can create your own personalized Pop-Tart by deciding the filling, frosting, and toppings.

I, for one, am not a huge Pop-Tart person.  I loved them as a kid, then quickly realized that nobody needs that much sugar for breakfast!  I do think it would be fun, though, to make a quick stop at Pop-Tart World, just so I can say that I’ve eaten Pop-Tart sushi!

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  • http://www.whimsicalsandcafe.com menu cafe

    Well this is just what fat Americans need more of: More junk! Come on, really? Have you read the ingredients on these things? Why not just eat some ajax and follow it with a tub of margarine?

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