Congrats to The Cheesecake Factory


Even though we all know that eating out is generally not as healthy as eating a home-cooked meal, it doesn’t stop us from going out to dinner every once in a while. What would a first date be without casual-dining restaurants? It would be a little more awkward, I’d say. Plus, everyone has their favorite restaurant that combines experience, convenience and food quality. According a survey done by Market Force, out of Colorado, The Cheesecake Factory was ranked number one, reported by Nation’s Restaurant News.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Cheesecake Factory is pretty good. My only problem with it is that the menu is so extensive; I never know what to get. I’m constantly asking the waiter for recommendations, and then I never really get what I had originally set my eyes on. All those menu choices are enough to make dizzy.

According to the survey, The Cheesecake Factory earned 6 percent of the favorite-restaurant vote. The Cheesecake Factory also received the highest scores in 6 out of 10 categories, including cleanliness, food taste and quality and atmosphere.

Who was second? Red Robin Gourmet Burgers! They also received the top rank for speed of service and kid friendliness categories. In third, there was a tie between Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesday.

Going out to eat can be really expensive, which is just another reason why a home-cooked meal may be the better choice. But you can still make meals that taste like they’re from a chain restaurant.

Cheesecake Factory Cajun Jambalaya Pasta

Olive Garden’s Bruschetta

Olive Garden Pollo Limone

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