Cocktail Hour: Tips From the Cooking Channel’s “Dr. Mixologist”


 This week, I didn’t make a cocktail.  Instead, I wanted to share some awesome cocktail making tipsthat were given to me straight from Darryl Robinson aka “Dr. Mixologist” from the Cooking Channel’s “Drink Up!”  Read more to get some great summer cocktail advice!

Darryl is an amazing cocktail-making machine and he knows everything there is to know about mixing up the best summertime sippers!  Here’s what he had to say about making summer cocktails:

The very best summer cocktail flavors:
is the spirit of the summer, according to Darryl.

Other flavors that are great in summer cocktails include:



citrus fruit


Add these flavors to your next summer cocktail!  Here are a few cocktail recipes that contain a few of his favorite summer flavors:

Limeade Cocktail
Lemon Drop Martini
Smurf Martini
Pink Gin


Since Darryl is encouraging us to use cilantro in our cocktails, he gave a great tip for using herbs in your drinks:

Darryl prefers not make cocktails with herbs  floating in them because finds them difficult to drink.  The last thing he wants is to have his guests walking around with pieces of cilantro stuck in their teeth!  So how can you make an herb-infused cocktail without the embarrassment?  Shake the herbs vigorously with the cocktail mixture, then strain them out.  You’ll get all the flavor  and none of the embarrassing chunks!  You could also use an herb (parsley, mint, etc.) as a garnish instead of mixing it into the drink.

To see the full article and get more great summer cocktail tips, click here!

Learn more about Darryl and his new series “Drink Up” here! Be sure to watch Darryl shake up some amazing cocktails every Sunday at 10:30 pm Eastern Time!

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  • Joanne

    I was at BlogHer this weekend and I totally got into a conversation with other bloggers about how cocktails are the new food THING. Especially those with gin! Perfect post timing!

  • kirvin@coupons

    Thanks for the info. I just love learning new receipes and different ways to prepare good meals. Great blog by the way :)

  • charliemay

    the best mixologist in shanghai

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