My Favorite Gelato Joint


I’m not a huge ice cream person.  I’m not one of those who always has a cone in their hand on a hot summer day.  Gelato, on the other hand, I can’t get enough of!  A couple of summers ago, a new gelato place opened up by my house and once I tried it, I knew I was hooked.  It was called Paciugo.

Now normally I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants or shops, but this one is different.  The second you walk in, they ask, “Hi, welcome to Paciugo!  Have you ever been here before?”  If you haven’t, they’ll give you a little spiel about how it’s made and how it ranks health-wise (70% less fat than ice cream- woo!).  They then ask if you’d like to try any flavors.  No, not ask- ENCOURAGE.

They have tiny spoons by the dozen and they’re happy to have you try every flavor, if that’s what you want.  How many flavors do they have?  Well, they usually have about 40 ready-to-serve flavors in the shops on a daily basis, but the flavors change every day and they have HUNDREDS to choose from! What I love is that you can go online, pick your location, and see which flavors they have in-store that day.  That way you won’t show up and be disappointed (not that you ever would anyways!)

I also love that you don’t have to choose just one flavor. If your order a small cup, you get up to 3 flavors.  A medium holds up to 4, and the large holds up to 5.  That way, you can mix and match your flavors and sample each and every one over time!  Love it!


And you’ll never get bored of these flavors.  They’re always experimenting to make new and interesting ones.  From olive oil and black pepper gelato to chili powder-infused chocolate gelato to lavender gelato, there’s always something unique to taste.

To find your nearest Paciugo, click here!

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