Food in the News: Lost Recipes, Eating Weeds and Ending Food Fads


Finding Lost Recipes – The Chicago Tribune has started a program in which readers who have lost a recipe (it doesn’t matter if it was from 50 years ago or a week ago) can send letters about the recipes, in hopes someone has it or knows it. There’s also a write-up of Lost Recipe stories that are pretty entertaining.

Eating Nature – Christopher Nyerges is the leader of a journey into the wild, where he is determining what humans can and cannot eat. Nyerges is the head of the Eagle Rock’s School of Self-Reliance. It’s fascinating to discover how many of the weeds and plants we see on a daily basis can actually be ingested. Many of them are even healthy!

Food Fads That Are Ending – Sarah Fuss writes on various food trends that just aren’t as popular anymore. She goes back in forth regarding cupcakes, which I personally think will never go out of style. Other things to say bye-bye to include bubble tea and lava cake.

Edible Art
– In New York last Saturday, a crowd came out to look at tons of beautiful crafted sculptures, all of which were made of food. Note the past tense. The sculptures are gone now. They’ve been eaten by the crowd, and I wish I could have been there too!

Don’t Eat This On A First Date – First dates are really nerve-racking, and you know what? So are second dates! You don’t want to embarrass yourself, or have food stuck in your teeth. Ugh! Check out this list of the top 10 foods you shouldn’t eat on a first date. Included are soup, garlic and corn on the cob.

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