Is It Safe to Eat at Your Sports Stadium?


I was looking around online the other day and found that ESPN had compiled a pretty interesting list.  They actually looked at the health inspection reports from various sports stadiums around the country and saw how many food vendors were in violation of health codes.  Check out the results; you may be surprised!

Here’s the gist of the results: basically, if you live in Florida, you should stop eating when you go to sports games.  Seriously.  All but one of Florida’s 9 major stadiums had at least 75% of their food vendors in violation of health codes. These offenses included not keeping hot food hot enough, not cooking food at high enough temperatures, keeping food for longer than a week, having dirty utensils and countertops, and blending bugs into frozen drinks!  Yuck!

Another stadium to avoid is Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center, where 100% of the vendors were in violation of health codes.  The inspectors found mouse droppings at more than 10 food stands!

I was thrilled to report that Chicago’s very own U.S. Cellular Field and Wrigley Field were violation-free, until I read that the inspections were done while the stadiums were closed, so no food was actually being prepared or served…

If you’re looking for the cleanest stadiums around, head to Toronto. Both Rogers Center and Air Canada Center had no violations.  Those Canadians know how to clean up, apparently!

If you want to look up how clean your stadiums are, check out the information here.

To be on the safe side, why not skip the stadium food and make your own at home?  Here are our favorites:
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