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 It’s summertime and everyone I know is getting married!  I’ve gotten completely swept up in all of the wedding madness, and I started wondering what traditional wedding recipes existed in the world.  Besides cake, of course, do different cultures have different foods at their weddings?

I had always thought that Italian wedding soups were traditional to Italian weddings; I mean, they have the word “wedding” in them!  It turns out, however, that the name “wedding soup” is actually a mistranslation! Apparently, the Italian name for this soup translates to “marriage soup,” as it consists of a marriage between meat and vegetables.  Who knew?  I don’t care- it still tastes great!

Try out these wedding soup recipes:
Italian Wedding Soup 1
Italian Wedding Soup 2
Wedding Soup

Another puzzling recipe is the Mexican wedding cookie, which apparently is not Mexican at all, nor does it have to do with weddings.  These small sugary cakes with nuts are actually Russian Christmas cookies! How the recipe traveled from Russia to Mexico and acquired different names along the way is a mystery to me!  They are definitely delicious, though- use this recipe to make them!

When I was looking up traditional Chinese wedding foods, I found this interesting article on the symbolism behind each kind of Chinese wedding food.  Apparently duck represents fidelity, pomegranates represent fertility, and fish represents prosperity.

The last wedding recipe I could find on Recipe4Living was for Wedding mints.  Now, I’m pretty sure these aren’t traditional in any culture (are they?) but they could be a fun homemade addition to your wedding.  Here’s the recipe!

Personally, I think I’ll stick to a big fat wedding cake like this one!


And if you’re looking for over 1,000 fabulous cake recipes, this is the place to go!

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    I thinking picking the right food can be tricky for some couples. At my friend’s wedding, she unfortunately wasn’t aware of her father in law’s allergy of nuts. Now one of the dishes included peanut oil and you can picture the aftermath. But no great harm was done. The couple are happily married and the father in law still lives ;)

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