My Current Obsession: Avocado!


When I find a food that I like, a strange thing happens: I become obsessed.  I don’t just want to have it once a week- I want to eat it every day of my life for every meal.  My most recent food obsession?  Avocado.  Check out the great avocado recipes I have been chowing down on!

Here are my 6 favorite avocado recipes that I found on Recipe4Living.


Avocado Angel Eggs: These are kind of like deviled eggs, except the filling is avocado-based.  They may sound like a strange breakfast choice, but I just consider them another way to eat my eggs in the morning.

Avocado Toast: This combination of whole-wheat toast, hummus, and avocado slices is a super-healthy breakfast that’s quick to make!


Turkey Cranberry Avocado Sandwich: This is actually a recipe I came up with myself.  It’s a simple sandwich that contains a lot of flavor.  It’s my go-to weekday lunch!

Avocado Pita Pockets: Bacon, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and tomatoes go into this delicious lunchtime dish.


Avocado Burritos: This is probably the easiest recipe ever and it tastes great!  It’s perfect for the summertime, too, because you don’t have to cook a thing.

Avocado Chipotle Cheeseburger: When I’m having an outdoor grilling get-together, this is my burger of choice.  It might not be the healthiest dinner, but who can resist a juicy burger with cheese, salsa, and avocado slices?

Do you have any great avocado recipes to share?  Log in and submit them here!

Get great avocado recipes, read about their health benefits, and learn how to tell if they’re ripe right here!

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  • nina

    YUMMY sounds tasty :)

  • Judimae

    I love avocados too. Great looking recipes, thanks for your article.


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