Food in the News: Five-Second Rule, Expanding Cinnabon and Hybrid Fruit


Don’t Fall For the Five-Second Rule – Scientists at Clemson University have announced that the five-second rule is a sham, and that if you do eat food that has been on ground for five seconds you have a chance of getting sick. Paul Dawson, one of the food scientists, said that the new rule should be the “zero-second rule.”

25 Worst Meals for Kids – As First Lady continues her right against childhood obesity, the Daily Beast has helped out by creating a list of the 25 most dangerous kids meals from chains in the U.S. Topping the list is a meal from Friendly’s which contains a whopping 2,270 calories!

Chicago’s Best Veggie Dogs – Attention all vegetarians living in the Chicagoland area! Have you ever gone to a burger and fries joint with friends, and ended up just eating fries because you couldn’t find a good vegetarian item on the menu? Take a look at Alysse Dalessandro’s quest to find the best veggie dog, and see which five made the list!

Cinnabon’s Expansion – Instead of just serving those delicious cinnamon rolls, the company plans to redevelop itself into more of a bakery/café. Not only will they include a larger list of beverage, but breakfast and lunch will also find a way onto the menu. This summer, be on the look out for breakfast egg sandwiches and paninis for lunch.

Hybrid Fruits – Sounds strange, right? Fruit breeders are now creating hybrid fruit species, and combining a bunch of them, including peaches, apricots and plums, and cherries or nectarines and plums. While it’s still in the preliminary stages, we’re curious to see what they plan to call these genetic wonders.

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