Recipes for a Hawaiian Luau Party!


My roommates and I have decided that we are going to have a Hawaiian party sometime in August.  We have already started buying the necessary items- leis, grass skirts, and even a slip n’ slide!- but we still have one thing to decide: what are we going to serve?

As Hawaii is a tropical paradise, we need to have some tropical food and drinks.  We also need food that is good for snacking, is easily multiplied, and is not too expensive.  I began my search over at Recipe4Living and this is what I came up with:

-Grilled Pineapple: This recipe is great because it’s so easy!  All you need is some pineapple, some honey, some butter, and some hot sauce.  Buying a bunch of pineapples might get pricey, but if we cut them up into little chunks, they should go pretty far.  The best part is that we can make this outdoors, so nobody will have to leave the party to cook.

-Super Mai Tais: Now, usually I would go the pina colada route for a party like this, but frozen drinks and hot weather don’t go together too well.  Mai tais aren’t frozen, so they’re easier to keep out and they’re still full of tropical flavor!

-Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Meatballs: These may take a bit of prep work, but it’ll be easy to make a bunch of them and they’re great for snacking!   AND I just happen to have a huge bag of frozen meatballs in my freezer, so I can take a shortcut or two.

-Hawaiian Slaw: Cole slaw is always a great party snack- just make some big bowls and let people take what they want.  And you don’t have to worry about the heat; this slaw doesn’t have any mayo that will spoil. 

These are just my top 4 recipes that I plan to make- there are TONS more hawaiian recipes on Recipe4Living right here! 

We even have two tropical party guides if you want to have your own!  They include our favorite recipes and fun presentation tips.

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  • nina

    great recipes! Thanks for sharing them :)

  • Secret Restaurant Recipes

    I enjoyed reading the post. I’ve saved you to my favorites. Keep up the good work!


  • Charity

    Great recipes, I was in Hawaii and Ive been looking for some recipes for food that i have eaten their. Great article i am going to the kitchen to start cooking

  • Catherine Tumminello

    the Chew recipe site for the current show is not doable can’t get recipes tried for half hour to get mario’s pork from Au Luau Not possible Not a fun site or easy tried for at least 40 mins.

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