The Strangest Cookbooks I’ve Ever Seen


Several months ago, Allison, a fellow Chew on That blogger, wrote about Miss Piggy’s cookbook, In The Kitchen with Miss Piggy.  This got me thinking; if pig puppets are publishing cookbooks, how many other strange and unique cookbooks are out there?  The answer: LOTS.

My first stop on the crazy cookbook train wasa book I had actually heard of a few times before: the Star Trek Cookbook.  This book, published in 1999, is narrated by Neelix, the chef of the U.S.S. Voyager.  With the help of this cookbook, you’ll learn how to cook many different intergalactic recipes to cater to the palate of your favorite Vulcan or Klingon

While we’re on the subject of sci-fi cuisine, there is also a Star Wars cookbook entitled Wookie Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook.  This children’s cookbook has recipes modeled after your favorite Star Wars characters and planets, including a recipe for Yoda Soda and a recipe for cinnamon buns resembling Princess Leia’s famous ‘do. 

Moving on to the slightly more grotesque, the Eat-a-Bug Cookbook teaches you how to do just that.  If grasshoppers and centipedes make you drool, this is the cookbook for you!  Here, you’ll find 33 great ways to cook up cockroaches and the like.

Dinner, anyone?

Dinner, anyone?

And finally, for anyone who prefers a hot engine to a hot stove, check out Manifold Destiny, a cookbook full of recipes you can cook on your car engine.  Perfect for tailgating, road trips, or very strange outdoor dinner parties!

If you prefer more conventional cookbooks (we know we do!) check out our HUGE collection of free eCookbooks right here!  From Halloween recipes to pork chop recipes to healthy fish recipes, we’ve got ‘em all!  You can see even more cookbook recipes here.

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