French Eats for Bastille Day!


Today is Bastille Day, the French national holiday!  To celebrate, I have decided to compile a collection of some fabulous French foods that everyone must try in their lifetime! 

To start off with, we MUST address those gorgeous looking crepes above.  A crepe is a very thin, pancake-like dish that can be served with sweet or savory fillings or toppings.  Try making these indulgent chocolate banana crepes for dessert.  If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, however, try filling your crepes with chicken salad using this recipe.

While we’re on the subject of baked goods, the French are well-known for baguettes, as wellTry making your own fresh baguettes to serve with soup or to fill with cold cuts.  Wear a black and white striped shirt, ride your bicycle down the street with a baguette in hand, and you will become your neighborhood’s very own walking (or biking) stereotype. 


My personal favorite French food is pate.  This creamy spread made from fatty liver may sound disgusting, but I could eat it all day long!  My favorite college lunch was chicken liver pate on a baguette with a small side salad.  Yum!  Chicken liver pate is so versatile- spread it on crackers or bread and enjoy!  Here’s a great recipe you can use to make it.


Finally, there’s nothing more French than a souffle.  This recipe uses fresh chevre (goat’s cheese) to make a deliciously creamy souffle.  Serve it with some French wine and you’re all set!

There are so many more French foods that I’m dying to make.  The fresh buttery croissants, the cheesy chicken cordon bleu, the delightful quiche Lorraine, and even the dish that Julia Child made famous: beef bourguignon.  If you are looking for these great French recipes and more, click here!  You’ll also find info on French cooking vocab and descriptions of some interesting delicacies found in France (frog legs, anyone?)

You can also click here for MANY more French recipes you can use to celebrate Bastille Day!

I hope everyone has a great Bastille Day!  Let me know if you cook anything French!  Au revoir and vive le France!

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  • kyle

    extremely delicious. i like it, i like it !

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