The Biggest Wedding Cake I’ve Ever Seen!


I love going to weddings! Who doesn’t? Love is in the air, you get to dress up, everyone wants to have fun and the food is delicious! On Saturday, I attended my second cousin’s wedding in downtown Chicago. There was a green/blue/purple peacock theme, which looked beautiful, and the cake was HUGE! It is probably the biggest cake I’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever seen the Food Network show, Ace of Cakes, then you know what I mean.
Japanese sushi seafood
For hors d’oeuvres, they had a table set up with a variety of sushi. Some cooked, some not. Sushi is one food that I avoid at all costs, so I didn’t try it. My sister said the cooked salmon sushi was tasty though. They also served other Asian-flavored starters, like stuffed chicken wontons and mushroom buttons. Those I really enjoyed!

Once we got to the tables, after an hour or so of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, we were served a lamb cannelloni. It was a little too chewy, but, but nonetheless delicious!

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The lamb took the place of the soup. I’m guessing that was so because it was a summer wedding and it was hot out. I’m a major soup person, who can eat it no matter what the weather, so I was little disappointed about that.

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After a lettuce bib salad, which I didn’t eat too much of, we were served the entrée. Not only did we get filet mignon, but we got Grecian chicken as well. Since I didn’t eat the salad, I devoured both the steak and chicken. Not only were they both juicy and tender, but the sauce was perfect!

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I already mentioned the cake earlier, and I think the picture says enough! What do you think?

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  • sara

    That is the leaning tower of Wedding cakes. A very tacky leaning tower of cake.


  • Hillary

    Wow!! That’s awesome – you should definitely send that to Ace of Cakes :)

  • buy tea online

    Wonder what something liek that sets you back.

  • Jane

    That seriously is the longest wedding cake I have ever seen too. They must have called a whole lot of people to finish that cake. I wonder how they reached to the top;).
    Whirlwind wedding

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