Cocktail Hour: Tequila Sunset


We’ve all heard of a tequila sunrise, the classic combination of orange juice, tequila, and grenadine, but have you ever heard of a tequila sunsetThis golden cocktail uses honey to imitate a glowing horizon. I thought it would be the perfect summery drink to try this week. 
I love pretty cocktails, so I was pumped to try this one!  Here’s what you need:

* 1 oz. gold tequila
* 1 oz. lemon juice
* 1 oz. orange juice
* 1 Tbs. honey


Directions:  Pour tequila into a cocktail glass, add lemon juice and orange juice, and stir.  Slowly pour honey into glass so that it creates a layer in the bottom of the glass. Add crushed ice and garnish with a lemon slice.
(see the original recipe here!)

I wasn’t sure how much crushed ice to put in, so I just floated a bit on the top.  I didn’t have a lemon slice to garnish it with, either.  Boo :(

I had very high hopes for this drink.  I love the idea of honey in a cocktail, and was very excited to try it.  So what did it taste like?  Well, it was very tart.  It kind of tasted like a margarita. It actually makes sense that it’d taste like a margarita, because a margarita has tequila, orange, and lime flavors.  This drink has tequila, orange, and lemon flavors.  Same deal, right?  I tried my VERY hardest to mix up the honey in the drink to make it sweeter and less tart, but even when I managed to mix it up, it didn’t sweeten the drink very  much.

If I was to re-make this cocktail, I might try rimming the glass with honey so that you get some honey with every sip. You’d have to put the honey on the inside of the rim, though, so if it started to drip, it would go into the drink and not down the outside of the glass.

I’d also like to see/taste what this would be like if you threw in some grenadine, too.  Then it’d really look like a sunset!  If anyone tries this, let me know how it turns out!

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  • Nina

    mmmm… looks tasty. Gotta try it!

  • Lynne

    Great looking drink-I love the honey in the bottom.

  • Per

    Looks like an excellent cocktail drink! Never heard of the Tequila Sunset, like you said. But the Tequila Sunrise,well a lot of times. One question though, would any tequila brand do it and taste just as good?

  • Sherri

    This looks delicious, tequila and honey…yum, I can picture having this drink at sunset on the beach.

  • Chikko

    Great drink idea but that’s not a tequila sunset. A tequila sunset is tequila (preferably plata not resposado) OJ and Blackberry brandy.

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