World Cup Cuisine: Spain vs. Netherlands


On Tuesday, I gave you an entire menu based on all the teams that made qualified in the 2010 World Cup. Now there are only two teams left, spicy Spain and underrated Netherlands. It should be an exciting game, with two European teams, one of which wasn’t predicted to go very far at all. Foodies should take note of this game, which contains teams with very different ethnic cuisines. After the jump, learn a little more about Spanish and Dutch cuisine.

My cheers are going for Spain to win the cup, so I’ll put them first. Centuries ago, Spain was a hot spot for people for all over the world, giving them a melting pot of different cultural influences as well as dishes. The fact that seafood in Spain is bountiful, since it surrounded by water, has made it a mainstay in most entrees.

Also, since the different regions of Spain are so different, few dishes are common to every part of Spain. Here are some that we could find that matched the bill:

Paella Pasta
Paella Salad

Spanish Rice
Spanish Rice
Spanish Brown Rice

Spanish Omelet
Spanish-Style Fried Eggs

Tocinillos de Cielo – Spanish Dessert

Here are some FUN Spanish recipes:
Pesto Gazpacho

Now on to Dutch cuisine, which is dominated by fishing and farming in the Netherlands. The country is famous for its cheese and the fact that the process of creating chocolate originated there. Although the cuisine isn’t very diverse in comparison to other Northern European countries, they do eat more vegetables compared to meat.

Dutch Apple Cake
Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch Pork Hot Pot Crockpot
Dutch Oven Pork Chops and Potatoes

Dutch Babies Pancakes
Dutch Pancakes

Here are some FUN Dutch recipes:
Dutch Chocolate Chiffon Pie
Dutch Coffee

Do you have any favorite Dutch or Spanish recipes? Share them here!

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  • Jeanne @JollyTomato

    What fun! This is a great idea – I can’t wait to get cooking for a little World Cup party at our house. I included this in the “food news round-up” collection of best stories of the week at Jolly Tomato:

  • Torviewtoronto

    Looks awesome thank you for the visit, comment and about the contest

  • SteveD1of1

    Excellent idea … except for the fact that if Dutch cuisine is dominated by fishing (and farming) and its cheese is world-renowned, how come none of the Dutch recipes feature either?

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