Ribfest Naperville ’10!


Chicagoland’s biggest and most popular Ribfest is located in Naperville, IL.  It not only features lip-smacking ribs, but it also has carnival rides, big name musical acts, and a whole lot of crazy foods! I had never attended Ribfest before, so last weekend, I decided to give it a shot.

I’m not going to get into what a nightmare it was to try to park, wait in line for a shuttle to the fest, wait in line to buy tickets, wait in line to ride rides, wait in line to buy food, and oh, did I mention waiting in line?  Nope, I won’t talk about that at all.  Let’s just focus on the food, shall we?

The second you walk in this place you are bombarded with all kinds of carnival/state fair types of food.  I was actually appalled by much of it.  I mean, take a look at this sign!


Deep-fried Milky Ways, deep-fried Snickers (which I’m ashamed to say that I’ve tried in the past), and deep-fried bacon?  I was under the impression that bacon was already fried.  You need to fry it again? And chocolate covered bacon?  That just scares me.

The one dish that everyone around me was snacking on was deep-fried Twinkies with whipped cream on top.  I feel like I’m having a heart attack just thinking about it.

So what did I eat?   I started off with a hot dog.  I know, not very exciting or healthy, but whatever.  I love a good hot dog.  Then I decided to buy one of these:


There’s nothing better than a pina colada smoothie in a pineapple!  With fresh slices of pineapple as a garnish, by the way!  Yum!  I had a great time watching the people in the stall drilling holes in the pineapples.  They had this crazy machine (it looked like a cordless drill) that they inserted into the pineapple to take out the insides but leave the core.  Very cool to watch.

After my fruity drink, it was time for the ribs.  After waiting in line for 30 minutes, I finally got my 1/3 slab of ribs from Sgt. Oink’s stall.  Here they are:


Unfortunately, I do not have good things to say about these ribs.  The sauce was great, but the ribs themselves were mostly fat and not very tender.  I didn’t end up having any other ribs, as I didn’t have another year of my life to wait in line.

So that was Ribfest.  How do I feel about it?  Meh.  Not great.  My local Ribfest is much smaller, but MUCH better.  I’ll stick to that one.

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