Eating My Way Through the Taste of Chicago: Part 2


Yesterday, I told you about some of the strange and delicious dishes I tried at the Taste of Chicago this weekend.  Today I’m back to show you even more, including the strangest food I’ve EVER eaten!

Here are the remaining foods that I ate:


1. Banana and Chocolate Egg Rolls
These were from Tamarind, a local sushi joint.  They were pretty good- the insides were filled with warm banana, which was yummy, and the crunchy outside was a nice contrast to the mushy filling.  I wasn’t digging the chocolate sauce, though.  It tasted just like Hershey’s syrup.  I think it would have been better with a richer sauce.


1. Pork Filled Banana Dumpling
This dish was from Sabor Latino, a Puerto Rican restaurant.  My issue with this is that I went into it thinking it would be something completely different. I was expecting a sweet and savory mix of pork and banana filling.  However, it was just savory.  I guess the banana just made up the outer part, the dumpling itself.  However, it didn’t taste like banana.  I didn’t love it, nor did my 2 friends.


Finally, the dish you’ve all been waiting for!  Looks just like a chocolate cupcake, right?  WRONG.

3. Mashed Potatoes Stuffed Chocolate Cupcake
Don’t believe me?  Here’s a photo of the inside:


Yep, those are mashed potatoes.  And a chocolate cupcake.  In one.  Yet, somehow, it worked.  The chocolate flavor came first, then you’d get a mashed-potatoey aftertaste that somehow melded together with the chocolate flavor pretty successfully.  Even the textures worked well together!  Would I have one again?  I don’t think that would be necessary, but I definitely enjoyed the one I had.  All I can say is that Polo Cafe and Catering definitely came up with something unique this year.

So that was my culinary journey through the Taste of Chicago!  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about what I ate at Ribfest in Naperville, IL (yes, I really stuffed my face last weekend!)

Read about the other foods I ate at the Taste right here or look back at an old Chew on That post about the Taste!

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  • zurin

    Hi! thanks for dropping by :) and thank you for the link for th econtest and the encouragement :)) Ill definitely give it a go.

    Those are some strange foods up there but I can see how they can work. Id definitely like to try the banana egg roll without the chocolate sauce though. I think a caramel or butterscoth sauce wld work better. n mashed potato cupcake? strange. But true :D

    a very interesting post Kathryn!

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