New Mobile App For Foodies Pays Users to “Check In”


Foodies looking to take a night off from cooking to explore their local restaurant scene should look into WeReward, a new mobile application that offers cash rewards for eating at local restaurants while checking in with their social media networks.

This snazzy new mobile app has launched in more than 15 million businesses in America, and incorporates Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google, CitySearch and Foursquare. The best part is that users can earn money via PayPal while eating out at their favorite restaurants and discussing their experience on social network sites. Users are encouraged to post updates, tweets, etc. about those businesses (restaurants in our case).

Each restaurant found on WeReward has a task incorporated to prove you were there. These include taking a mobile picture with your food, etc. Once that is verified, the user gets the points associated with reward, which translates into money via PayPal.

For every point the user earns, he or she is given a penny. The majority of check-ins are worth 5 points, however they can be up to 500.


How much does a user need to cash in? Ten dollars, or 1,000 points, allows the user to get their money through PayPal.

One positive regarding the app is that the rewards are posted by location, allowing users to discover what prospects are near them. For example, according to the New York Times, WeReward posted this offer during the beginning of June:

“WeReward  is giving 500 people 500 points each for submitting a picture of themselves drinking a Starbucks beverage inside any of its stores nationwide — a $5 reward.”

via New York Times

For someone like me, who drinks Starbucks a couple of times a week, this app makes a lot of sense. Why not make some extra cash by doing a minimal amount of work?

With this slumping economy, we’re all looking for extra ways to make cash, and this is a perfect opportunity for foodies.

Even though WeReward is still in the Beta testing phase, and is only working with a limited number of advertisers, this looks to be a promising application. Anything to make a little extra money on the side sounds good to me!

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